What a long wonderful day this has been.

We arrived to SFO at 11:30pm on August 15th, with a departure time of 1:40 am to Taipei. The flight was fairly empty so most of the group had extra room to stretch out and get some much needed sleep. Next stop, Taipei. We took full advantage of a 4 hour layover, and experienced many flavorful Taiwanese dishes.

Then off to Phnom Penh. So let me add this up....it was a very long day or two.
We arrived at the Frangipali Villas and got settled in for the upcoming days. All our luggage and the 16 bins made it! God is good!

We were all quite exhausted but did enjoy a short drive through some of the city, seeing the Royal Palace, Olympic Stadium and Buddhist temples. Next we had a delicious meal at a cafe with a view of the river.

It is now 8:30 pm and it has taken every last bit of brain power to write this, so goodnight :)

Please contine to lift us up with your prayers