We woke up early to attend church at Rahab's House in Svay Pak. The week has gone by so fast and it is so hard to believe that today is the last day we will be seeing the disciples and everyone at Svay Pak before we head back. We started doing some debriefing last night and on the ride towards Svay Pak. I think we all have mixed feelings about leaving Cambodia.

The church service began as usual with the Cambodian welcoming song and they had special skits and dances for us. Some of the boys and girls did a liturgical dance that they learned from Kristen (a team member) during the week. Another girl from the guitar class that Matt (a team member) taught, played and sang to the "Heart of Worship" on the guitar. It was an awesome experience! The disciples followed the performances with a skit depicting a girl that was close to Christ and then torn away from God as the "sins" of life appeared. The "sins" were romance, money, drinking and materialism. The sins then pulled and attacked the girl until she fell off the stage screaming for Jesus. Jesus then reached out and shielded the girl from the "sins" to make the girl whole again. The performance was raw and true in so many ways. It spoke to the many sins that appear in my life, distracting my spiritual walk with God. I am a guy that hardly ever cries and I had tears in my eyes.

When church service ended, it was time for us to say our goodbyes. We decided not to say "goodbye," and instead said, "see you later." Playing on words did not make parting any easier. People were hugging each other, exchanging contact information, taking a ton of pictures (serious and funny ones) and just really celebrating the week that we had together. We have all developed strong feelings and relationships with the disciples at Rahab's House and God's love is evident in the room. We are all a big family in Christ, and have learned to give and receive love because Jesus Christ loved us first.

We continued our debriefing after we left Rahab's House. The team shared what they learned this week and how God has changed their lives. This marks the the end of our short term missions trip, but it is just the beginning of a much longer journey. The journey of equality, the journey of walking with Jesus.