Today was our first venture into the village of Svay Pak. It was an exciting day, as it was our first preview of where we will be for the next 5 days. As our van drove into the village we saw kids and families along the village roads, playing, eating, and just hanging out. We had the privilege of attending church service at Rahab's House, which will be the location of our Kid's Club activities for the week. We were greeted with the sounds of joyful singing as we entered the worship service. Young teens were singing worship songs and dancing. We could all feel the presence of God during worship. It became evident to us that our God is truly an "international" God. We are all one body of Christ, no matter what country/language. The sermon was given by the church pastor and was also kindly translated into English for us. During the service our team was introduced to the church. We went on stage and introduced ourselves. After each one of us spoke our names into the microphone, the church members joyously repeated our names in unison. E.g. "Hello, my name is Joyce." Church members: "HELLO JOYCE!!!!!!" + <Applause>.

The church building was formerly a brothel several years ago. Agape International Missions (AIM) has since then taken over the building ad made it into Rahab's House. Now it is a place of worship, redemption, recovery, and hope. It is a testament to the transformation God is doing in Svay Pak.

After the service we met the director of AIM. He spoke of many exciting things happening in AIM. One is the Agape Training Center which provides counseling, education, skills training and employment for survivors of human trafficking. Another is a garment factory that makes jewelry, handbags, and clothing for stores in the U.S. We will be visiting these sites later this week.

Later in the afternoon, a group of us went to see the Killing Fields. The killing fields are massive grave sites from the genocide of the Khmer Rouge. Just like our visit to the Tuol Seng Genocide Museum yesterday, the visit was sobering and heavy.

The rest of the night was spent preparing for our first day of Kids Club! We went over our worship songs for the kids, the message, and crafts. Please pray that God's love is evident in all our interactions with the people we meet in Svay Pak throughout the week.