First day of Kid’s Club

Today was the first day we helped run Kid’s Club at Rahab’s House. We brought numerous bins of supplies including craft supplies for the kids, T-shirts for the disciples and staff, and clothing donations for kids of brick factory workers.

The day started with Kid’s Club in the morning. About 130 kids came, between the ages of 4-10, but mostly on the younger side. Disciples (teenagers that volunteer at Rahab’s House and get training in ministry and other skills) lead the kids in songs and prayers. Our team then taught the kids a couple new worship songs in English with dancing and hand motions. The kids love getting up, dancing, jumping up and down, and singing the songs. After the songs, we taught them a Bible story using images shown on a projector, with the text of the story translated into Khmer by one of the disciples. Today’s story was about the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and offered him an expensive jar of perfume which was her most prized possession. In the story, prominent people mocked the women because she was a notorious sinner in the community, and they also didn’t understand why she would waste expensive perfume by pouring it on Jesus’ feet. The lesson of the story is that no matter if we were sinners, Jesus can see into our hearts and loves us no matter what we have to offer him. After the story, members of our team performed a puppet show to reinforce the message of the story, and also taught the kids a short Bible verse. The verse was 1 John 4:19: We love him because he first loved us. We could tell the kids were captivated by the puppets, and we tried to make the plot one that they could relate to. After the puppet show, we moved straight into crafts. The craft for today was making a perfume bottle (to relate to the story) out of a paper cup. The kids decorated the cups with colorful ribbons, crayons, feathers, and gems. Then we soaked cotton balls in perfume and put them in the cups and glued lids on. The kids could take home the cups and smell the perfume to be reminded of the lesson. We were amazed at how talented the kids were – even the young kids were able to quickly pick up on how to do the craft, and some of the kids added really creative touches! Overall, we were impressed at how well-behaved and intelligent the kids were. It is evident that God loves these children no matter their circumstance, and members of our team quickly fell in love with the kids too!

Although Kid’s Club was the main event our team prepared to do this week, some team members also used their talents to help train disciples or interact with others in the community. A few team members taught guitar lessons, piano lessons, computer skills, and even worked out with guys (some of whom are or were traffickers) at the ‘Lord’s Gym’.

After the morning Kid’s club, the entire team went to go visit one of many brick factories in the area. The pastor at Agape (pastor Chata) has done an amazing outreach to the brick factory workers, providing them food, medical care, and providing a way for the kids of the workers to go to school. Today our team came with clothing donations for the kids, donated by members of our church in California. It was so exciting to see how happy the kids were to get new clean clothes.

After a delicious lunch prepared by the pastor’s wife, we got to hear about pastor Chata’s amazing story of how he became Christian and came to Svay Pak to start his ministry. It really spoke to how God uses other people in our lives to help us see his love, and also how if we are really persistent in showing kindness and love to other people, God can really work through us to do amazing things. Now through 5 years of working and living in Svay Pak, God has literally changed hundreds of lives through the work of pastor Chata and the disciples.

Afternoon saw us leading another Kid’s club, this time with over 200 kids. It was the birthday of one of our team members as well as two disciples, so the rest of the disciples surprised everyone with a birthday cake, sparklers and silly string and a huge handmade card for our team member. It was such a sweet gesture and we felt so loved and such a part of their family immediately.