Today was our second day at Kid's Club and things ran smoothly. We did the same routine as yesterday, but a different Bible story and craft. As a team, I know we've been so grateful for the disciples help. We would not be able to run Kids Club without them. After Kids Club each day, we meet with them to discuss the next day's plan, and it's been a good way to combine forces to collaborate and improve. One woman, Da Ry, was thanking us yesterday, but I know we felt even more thankful for them and not worthy of her praise. If anything's evident in this place, it's that God is running the show and working through everyone.

There is too much to be said, so I will try to highlight some personal key moments/my experiences. Coming back to Cambodia has been an absolute joy, and I've definitely been viewing it through a different lens - literally. I am the team historian this year (photos will be up soon I promise!), and it's been a wonderful experience trying to capture the magic of this country, Agape, our team, and our trip. (A small task I guess you could say.) I have been taking family photos at the brick factories as a part of Agape's community outreach, and I will soon take some of the families in Svay Pak. Seeing the smiles grow bigger and bigger in each of the three photos that I take of every family puts a smile on my face every time. It may just seem like a small gift - a little photo that we're giving out - but in a strange way, it's building a stronger and deeper connection between the church and the community around it.We also take for granted the ability to save memories for photos and it's a joy being able to provide some of these incredibly hardworking families at the brick factories with some tangible memories of their own.

Aside from the photos, being back at Agape has kind of felt like being back at home. We were all greeted with open arms and smiles and genuine love. I have absolutely loved and cherished being able to see the disciples again and everyone that works at Agape, and to see some of the same children that came from last year. What is indescribable, though, was seeing the little girl that I had a connection with last year. In short, she was attached to my hip the whole week. I then found out she was one of the little girl's that was currently being trafficked. I couldn't believe it. It was one of the hardest good byes because she didn't understand. I watched her walk all the way down the street igniting a feeling of ultimate sadness within me - I had a fear of the unknown. Seeing her this year has been inexplicable. She's been by my side again every day, calling out my name, though I don't think she remembers me from last year - us white people all look the same. I am comforted by her presence. I am comforted by her shouting out my name. I am comforted by the fact that God is still protecting her and will still protect her.