Today was our third day of ministry in Svay Pak. It has been amazing to see the various transformations happening throughout the week. Team members are building strong relationships with the staff, the children and each other.

One thing that has impressed all of us is the commitment and faith of the disciples that study under Pastor Chan Tah. Pastor Chan Tah leads the church at Rahab's House. Young men and women from the community or from provinces around the country come to Svay Pak to serve with Pastor Chan Tah and learn from him. They are not paid but they dedicate their lives to doing God's work in Svay Pak. When people on our team are feeling tired or discouraged we look to the disciples and are inspired by their energy. One male disciple translates our bible stories every morning session. He is incredibly animated and really engages the children. It is so cool to see the disciples using their gifts to serve the Lord.

Throughout the week I've been serving at kid's club but this afternoon I worked at Agape Training Center which is a garment factory that Agape opened in Svay Pak in order to give girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking the opportunity for employment. The labor standards at the factory are much higher than other factories in the area and the girls are given access to education and social services. I felt a real sense of God's restoration and healing in the girls who work at the factory.

It has been a common experience to feel glimmers of hope amidst the poverty, suffering, and the darkness of sex trafficking in Svay Pak. This hope has renewed my faith because I've realized the issues are so daunting that without trusting in God it is all to easy to feel despair and decide to do nothing. But with faith, the work is really in God's hands not our own.

After the day in Svay Pak we went back to Ramdeng Restaurant (where we ate a few nights ago) to celebrate Joyce Liang's birthday. Last time we went some team members tried fried tranchula legs. This time Mike, Matt, Christine and Mark ate the whole tranchula - legs, body and all! Props to them because I couldn't even stomach watching them eat it!! It was a fun, celebratory dinner and a great way to end our Wednesday.