Today marks our last day of Kids Club. The day was joyful and bittersweet.   Here are some updates from teammates:

Thoughts on Kids Club:

"The three words I would pick to describe Kids Club today would exhausting, inspiring, and joyful. It was exhausting in a refreshing sense that we danced and sang in the heat with hundreds of people in the room but all of it was filled with energy and excitement. Knowing what the kids and disciples have gone through, it so inspiring to see them come in every morning here to worship God with bright smiles and serving hearts. Finally, there was much joy to be shared in the room as every sang, listened to the Bible Story about Jesus's Crucifixion and Resurrection, and watched the Puppet show. 

Thoughts on Crafts:

"When we were preparing five days worth of crafts, we were thinking about whether the kids will like the crafts we designed. We were wondering whether they would get bored of it after a while and whether they would complain because they only have 3 feathers and 1 sticky gem in their craft packet. When we saw the children in Kid's Club doing the crafts, they were just so happy to be doing crafts and all of them were so creative and made crafts with the materials we gave in ways we never imagined. I think God is teaching us through these children to be thankful for what we have right in front of us."

Thoughts on Computer Class:

"We have been teaching some of the students how to use Photoshop in the last couple of days and many of them were able to experiment with various layer effects in Photoshop. A lot of the newer computer class students were not ready to learn Photoshop so they learnt PowerPoint animations instead. Something quite funny happened in the last class today, I found out that when I said "Good Job" to the students in class, the disciple would "translate" it to "Be Silent" and tell the students that in Khmer. I now wonder what he has been "translating" for me all week, at least the Photoshop stuff got through."

Thoughts on Piano/Keyboard Classes

"It has been such a wonderful experience to get to know each of the kids on a more personal level in piano class. Each of them are filled with excitement and eagerness to learn.Chris Tomlin's  "How Great is Our God"is one of the songs that Agape has translated into Khmer.  It was such a delight to sing together and hear our voices  in unison, worshiping God despite different languages. The memories of laughing and joking together as we play and learn music together will stay with me for years to come."" I thank God for the joy and the talents each child in the class has been given!"

Our day at Kids Club ended in a big affirmation circle where our team members and disciples sat together in to share about our experiences at Agape International.  It is an echo that our team has learned so much from the disciples and staff at Agape.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Agape Family and really felt God's love, hope and presence here. We saw a glimpse of the early church in the book of Acts where the disciples loved and shared everything they had.  Here the church loved and served each other with all that they had and everyone that walked through the doors of Agape are welcomed into their family. The disciples also encouraged us and gave us a picture of their team. We presented them with team pictures and a quilt we made with each of our names and the disciples'' names on it, a total of 77 squares.   Our last 30 minutes at Agape was spent taking group pictures together, laughing, examining the quilt together, and giving last hugs.  We will miss them dearly (we already do) and look forward to seeing everyone one last time on Sunday before leaving for the U.S. As was said, they hope to see us back again next year, but if not, then we know that we will see each other in heaven because we are one big family in Christ.

We stopped by a restaurant called ""Fish"for dinner, where we had the privilege to eat with the founder of Agape. The dinner was full of great food, and meaningful conversations. After dinner, some of us headed back to get some good sleep, and others took a trip out to the night market.  What a awesome day!  We look forward to tomorrow, where we will be spending time  with the residents at the ARC.