• Pray for steadiness and God's strength as the trip to Cambodia approaches.
  • Pray we lift our fears to God and take peace that He is sovereign. 
  • Pray that God will provide us guidance on His path and that we will listen, receive His message, and faithfully follow.
  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts and minds of every member of the team for this work
  • Pray that God give us humble hearts to serve and learn form our teammates
  • Pray for team unity. That we continue to love and support each other throughout the trip

August 15 - 16

As we travel pray for our safety and for our families and loved ones we leave behind. Pray for us to feel rested and prepared once we are on the ground in Cambodia.

August 17-18

We will visit various mission partners in Phnom Penh including IJM, Hagar, and Bloom Café. Pray for us to be open minded and excepting of the culture and that our love for Cambodia and its people continues to grow. Pray that God continues to be present in the missions of IJM, Hagar and Bloom Café. Pray that we’d be gentle with each other as we grapple with jet lag and culture shock.

August 19

We’ll be attending church in Svay Pak and meeting our partners from Agape International Missions for the first time, who we will be working with the following week. Pray that our hearts would be ready to serve, grow and learn. Pray for the Agape staff that they continue to be inspired and blessed. That God continues to use them to do his work in Svay Pak.

August 20-24

We will be working with Agape in Svay Pak helping run kid’s club twice a day for 300 kids in each session. Other members of the team will be used according to their skills and abilities. Some will be working in the Lord’s Gyms, teaching guitar and piano class, or teaching computer class. We will also be visiting brick factories and distributing rice and clothing to the factory employees. Pray that we work with a spirit of humility, openness, and understanding. Pray that God provides us opportunities to build relationships in Christ. Pray that we trust in God and that he give us strength to do his work. Pray that we are able to serve with joy and that we are able to flexible and patient when challenges arise.

August 25

We will be hosting a party at Agape Restoration Center (ARC) for girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Pray that this party be filled with God’s love. That it is a day of fun, joy and laughter for all involved. Pray for the staff at ARC that their spirits be renewed and encouraged everyday. Pray for the girls at ARC that they continue their journey towards recovery and that they may come to know and love God.

August 26 – 27

As we head home, pray for safety and a smooth transition back into the reality of our everyday lives. Pray that God will give us time to debrief in meaningful ways as a group. Pray that we would be able to share deeply and honestly with people back at home about what we experienced. Pray that our team members, and the people we met and shared with, would be changed in lasting ways.