Kid's Club Crafts 

The craft team has been feverishly assembling craft packets for the estimated 3000 children that plan to attend Kid's Club (Rahab's House). We hope that these five different crafts will serve as pleasant reminders of the Bible stories we plan to share with the children of Svay Pak! We are in awe of God's faithfulness through the many donations we've received in craft supplies from our church family (MPPC/Open Door) and supporters! As you can see in the photos, all the dozens of glue, glitter, buttons, ziploc bags that we received are being put to good use! We continue to receive the support of friends who have spent dozens of hours prepping and assembling craft packets with us. On behalf of the Cambodia Missions Team, we would like to show you our appreciation and gratitude!

As you can all imagine, supplying and packing for 3000 children is no easy feat. This experience has definitely challenged us personally in terms of patience in God's provision and also relying on God's strength, not our own, to accomplish these projects. Please continue to pray for our team as we have two more projects to assemble (1200 packets) with less than one week left!

Kid's Club Curriculum Planning

In our overnight meeting at the end of June, we learned about Agape International Mission and we're excited to work with the disciples and staff to host Kids Club for a five days. The worship team, arts and crafts team, curriculum team all met together to create the curriculum. On thinking of what would be an applicable theme for the population of kids we worked with, we came up with "God loves you no matter what." Through all the lessons, we hope for the kids and the disciples to be encouraged that God loves us in all circumstances, and because He loves us, there is hope that we can hold onto.

In our next two meetings, we planned the stories that we wanted to correspond to each day's lesson and came up with

day 1: God loves us no matter… who we are: Woman washed Jesus' feet with tears
1 John 4:19: We love him because he first loved us.

day 2: God loves us no matter… what others think of you: Zaccheus Romans 8:38 Nothing can ever separate us from God’s love

day 3: God loves us no matter… what you have been through: Bleeding Woman
1 John 3:1 The Father has loved us so much that we are called children of God.

day 4: God loves us no matter… what we’ve done: Prodigal son
Luke 15:7 There is joy in heaven over one sinner who repents

day 5: God loves us so much! He proved it!!: Crucifixion/Resurrection
Romans 5:8: But God shows his love for us, because while we were still sinners Christ died for us.

One person took the responsibility of planning the lessons for the day, and we met again to confirm our lessons. The worship team was also responsible for thinking of fun songs filled with messages from God. So exciting how God pieced together each of the lessons, and how he collated everything to connect. So awesome to see him speaking to each person, and how God is working to bring us together in unity and humbleness as we serve and learn about each other through this process!

In the final days before going overseas, we are excited that everything has come together. The lessons are done, messages are translated in Khmer, the songs have been picked and we will be learning our hand motions as we go overseas. We were able to finish prepping 3000 art projects for kid's club. Already we have learned that with God, all things are possible, that He truly loves us in all circumstances, and He has a plan and purpose for each of us on this team. =) Even though we know that things may not always work out as we planned, (when does it ever on a missions trip?! :) God is so good at making life exciting, and at blessing us in ways we can never imagine! we are more than excited to know that He is going with us, and that partnering with Agape will be life-changing, and that His will will be done because His heart is for the kids at Agape, for the people of Cambodia, and for his children .

Team Meetings

We started this journey without knowing anyone else going on the trip, but now over the course of a couple months and several meetings, we feel tightly connected to all the team members. It really feels like the team has come together as a family of believers with a common purpose and mutual love and respect for each other.

Our first meeting with the entire team together was at an overnight retreat at a house in the bay area. This was a wonderful opportunity to put aside work obligations and focus on team bonding for a weekend. Members shared testimonies of how they became Christ followers and we spent lots of time praying for each other and for the community we will join for a short time in Cambodia. Each member also prepared a short report with information about the history, economy or culture of Cambodia. We shared these with the group togive us some background information so we might better understand the people we will be serving and their beliefs and values.

At the retreat we divided up the members into different roles and sub-teams based on interest and talent in order to facilitate the many preparations needed to put on the Kid's club and ARC party (party for girls rescued from trafficking). Some of these roles included photographer, historian (responsible for this website), craft team, Bible lessons team and supplies shopper. Over the next several weeks, these small sub-teams met frequently to finish all the preparations and gather all the supplies, and this was another great source of bonding with individual members of the team.

As we started doing work with our hands and seeing the fruits of our labor, the trip became more real and tangible in our minds. Knowing that each craft pack we prepare and each Bible lesson we create will directly impact a child that we will personally meet in Cambodia is a real blessing and made us even more excited about the trip! We are looking forward to even greater opportunities to serve the kids when we actually get to meet them.