Top Row (left to right): Matt Campbell, Joyce So, Kristen Campbell, Christine Wu, Sonia Van Ostrand, Lillian Hsieh, Sandy Riley, Alex Song

Bottom Row (left to right): Mark Vilches, Lin Miller, Bennie Ingraham, Kasey Van Ostrand, Joyce Liang, Kate-Marie Engberg, Mike Miller


Matt – I’m currently a graduate student studying mechanical engineering at Stanford University. My wife Kristen and I are going on this trip for many reasons, including our desire to see God’s word spread to all peoples. I am excited to teach a kid’s club lesson and also to help out with worship/guitar on the trip.

Joyce S. - God has broken my heart for Cambodia as I learned about its history, the needs of the current population and the prevalence of human trafficking there. Having worked as a teacher and currently studying Counseling, children are very dear to my heart. I look forward to serving the kids and trafficking survivors at Agape and I want to share God's love, hope and healing, and to be an encouragement on this trip to everyone around me.  

Kristen - Married to Matt Campbell. My day job is as a medical economics consultant for Aetna. I have been very moved by what I have learned about human trafficking through Open Door Church San Mateo (satellite campus of MPPC) and have wanted to get involved in some way. Matthew and I also believe that God is calling us to spend a couple of years in missions abroad once Matthew has finished his degree program, and we are exploring Cambodia as one possibility. I hope that God will break our hearts for the people we meet, the issue of human trafficking, and this country. I also hope that He will provide us guidance about where He wants us to serve in future.

Christine –

Sonia – I have had a heart for children ever since I can remember. I have worked with children as a nurse in the past. Within the last two years both of my daughters brought the urgency of child sex trafficking to my attention, having done reports on this subject in high school and college. I feel that God then brought this incredible opportunity to me to actually get involved.

Lillian - I work as a pharmacist in the Bay Area. I learned about human trafficking a year ago and was astonished. It made me realize how lucky we are to have a God of justice and hope. This is my first missions trip and I look forward to serving with my team and experiencing God's love and restoration in the people we meet there.

Sandy  - God blessed me with a heart for children and social justice.  When I first heard of this trip (shout out to Christine!), I knew that one day I, too, would make the trek.  I am privileged to join such a wonderful team of caring people and to have the opportunity to partner with Agape International Missions in their work to fight and prevent, and to restore victims of, child trafficking.  In my everyday life, I am a wife, mother (to a wonderful 9-year-old lady), expectant foster care parent, and attorney, and fill my "free" time with extracurricular such as gymnastics and singing.

Alex - I came to the US from Australia 8 years ago to work as a firmware engineer in the Silicon Valley.  During that time I met my wife to be Joyce L.  We settled down and finally had the opportunity to see what God has in store for us.  I wanted to try missions at least once to see if it's an area that God has called me to stay in.

Mark - I work as a Contracts Auditor for the Federal Government.  I support the Department of Defense in their negotiations with contractors.  I gave my life to Christ about 3 years ago.  Ever since then, God's given me the passion to help those who are experiencing pain and suffering in life.  This is my first missions trip and I feel very blessed to be serving God and the children of Cambodia.  Please pray that our team is able to instill faith, hope and joy in these kids.  Thank you.

Linda - I left Virginia to attend graduate school in California four years ago. I started going to Menlo Park Presbyterian, was baptized there, and since then have been trying to focus my life on God. I am passionate about issues of injustice and am excited to go to Cambodia and learn how God can use me to fight sex trafficking and other social problems.

Bennie – I am the MPPC Mission Director and have previously traveled to Cambodia three times.   I have a heart for those that are suffering the injustice of human trafficking; especially in Cambodia.  The part I love most about going on a trip like this is that I can be used by God to help open the hearts of others to this injustice. It is a privilege that this team has the opportunity to serve alongside our ministry partner, Agape.  I am eager to build community with my fellow teammates as well as the staff serving with Agape.

Kasey - I graduated from UC Berkeley in May with a degree in political science. I decided to join the trip because I studied sex trafficking in Cambodia during college and I've never been on a mission trip but I've wanted to go for a few years. I have a heart for children and I'm excited to be working in the kid's club at Rahab's House.

Joyce L. - I spent most of my career as an Internet Marketer for companies in the Silicon Valley.  However, in the last year I decided to pursue my dreams in fashion design.  I'm currently enrolled as a student at Apparel Arts!  I've always had a tremendous heart for kids and know God has a special place in His heart for them.  The Cambodia trip is an opportunity to tackle an issue I feel strongly about and to see what God has in store for me!

Kate-Marie – I’m currently a junior at NYU studying Film and Television. I’ve had a heart for anti-trafficking/justice issues these past few years and had such an unforgettable and incredible trip last year that I had to go again. I also hope to use my knowledge of filmmaking some day to help fight trafficking.

Mike – I started on my faith journey four years ago, when I came to California for law school and a friend brought me to Menlo Park Presbyterian.  Since then my belief in and devotion to Jesus has gradually grown, and this year my wife Linda and I decided to take our first mission trip.  I decided to go to Cambodia so I could seve others, learn how to share my faith, and consider how pursuing justice can become a more integral aspect of my vocation.