Ethiopia Mission Trip
July Family Trip 2006
June 30th - July 13th

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Love, Listen, Laugh!

We are excited to tell you about our trip to Ethiopia beginning Friday, June 30th through Thursday, July 13th, 2006. We know that there is no way that we can do this trip on our own strength, so we would appreciate your prayers, both as we prepare for this adventure, and while we are there.

Our team of 17 includes two families of four, one father-daughter and two mother-daughter duos, a recently engaged couple and a newly adopted friend and family member. We are heading into the hills of Ethiopia, ten-hours north of Addis Ababa, to serve with HOPE Enterprises at their school in Dessie where we will love and play with the children and provide a Vacation Bible School program. As HOPE would say, these are the poorest of the poor (in a country that is considered one of the poorest countries in the world). (In each entering class, of 50 students, forty percent (or 20 students) are full orphans, another forty percent (or 20 students) are half orphans and the remaining twenty percent (or 10 students) are considered “destitute” (to use a HOPE phrase) – living in a large family where starvation is a real risk or where the family income is variable.)

Our team will also serve in the HOPE feeding kitchen in Addis Ababa and with the Sisters of Charity AIDS Orphanage. The soup kitchen would be makeshift by American standards (with its corrugated tin roof held up on poles), but it has been serving the street children of Addis Ababa since 1975 and is the oldest and largest feeding kitchen in Ethiopia. Today, it feeds approximately 200 children each morning, who are then given some biblical instruction before they go to school, and hundreds of people at lunch, including street mothers and children, people suffering severe disabilities and others who live on the street or are destitute. At lunchtime, HOPE makes enough food to feed 660 people. Each person must present a meal ticket (which can be purchased for 1/2 a BIRR (or approximately $0.06 US. That represents 1/4 of the cost of the meal, the rest being underwritten by donations.

During our time of preparation, our team decided that our mascots would be Gumby and Pokey, given that they form a perfect team (one is nothing without the other) and they are incredibly flexible (as we hope to be). To understand what these two plasticine creatures have come to mean to us, please click here.

Love, Listen, Laugh (or L3) has become our mantra or team covenant. We hope to do all three as we learn what God has in store for us. And we look forward to sharing it all with you through these pages while we are there, and with our personal stories upon our return. During our time there, we would appreciate your prayers. If you are so inclined, please refer to our prayer calendar.

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