I'm very sorry it has taken us so long to write, or to post anything. I've been trying to write for the last 3 days but unfortunately Ethiopia's email system is no match for it's loving people. So... We are all doing great!!!

As of yet, we haven't had anyone get sick... except one while we were still in the States in Washington D.C. He unfortunately couldn't hold his stomach on the way to downtown D.C., but fortunately the driver of the bus had a nice large garbage bag for him. Other than that and a little stomach rumbling, everyone has been completely healthy.

These last few days have been great so far. In the mornings we are spending our time at two different feeding sites for the children's breakfast. It has been eye opening for the students to see that these kids sometimes eat only one time a day and the meal is comprised of two bread rolls, one banana and one cup of milk mixed with a tea and vitamin concoction. Although the real challenge and the hardest thing to swallow for the students seems to be what they see at the Lunch for the homeless and disabled. Asking questions they found out that many of the infirmities that plague the people they are serving come mostly from treatable diseases such as polio. One student couldn't believe it saying, "I didn't think that polio existed anymore, I thought that since the 30's or 40's it has been pretty much wiped out." So there have definitely been broken hearts over the things that we take for granted back in the United States. In the afternoons we have been working at HOPE's Vocational School. We are making desks to be delivered to the school and students of Roggie Village and Assosa Village.

Last night we had our first round of Hot Seat. The lucky two chosen "out of the hat" if you will, were Christian Nguyen and Steve Grey. They were subjected to an assortment of questions from the team. They were allowed to ask anything they wanted to know, within appropriate boundaries. It's a great time to get to know each person individually. We will be doing Hot Seat with two members of the team each night until we are through everyone.
They students wanted to let you know they said hello. I didn't get an I miss my parents from anyone yet, but dry those tears cause it means you raised them well. They are all wonderful, and the team is coming together quickly. It is quickly becoming a family.

I will try my best to email again soon, and also to try and read the emails that you have sent this way as well. The computer I am on at the moment is the third I've tried at this internet cafe, and it took me 20 minutes to get to this point on this computer alone. My search for a faster computer/internet connection will continue, I will not be deterred or broken!! Ha.