Today is Sunday the 30th of July, and it is 5:20pm here. We are all here at a few different internet cafes. So some of you will get some email from your kids, some of you won't because they got too frustrated with how slow connections are here and decided to try again later this week.

So this last week was a great week. We finished up our time working at both the Breakfast for Street Kids as well as the Lunch for the Homeless and Disabled. I know a huge highlight of this last week was working with the Adults at the Homeless Lunch because the kids felt like it was very hard to be able to connect with them at first. By the end of the week none of them had any problem sitting and talking with the Adults and finding out about their lives. Another highlight was being able to go and visit an Adoption Orphanage. We went there on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Thursday was great, we got to hang out with them for about 2 hours. Just playing with them and watching Barney and Friends. Friday was a really cool experience because 5 of the kids were being adopted from the United States. It was a bit awkward because the families were all there to pick up their kids, while we were playing with the other kids who weren't being adopted. So we had to wait, while they filmed and played and got to know their kids, in the kitchen area.

Just so you know all of the kids are still doing great. None of them have gotten sick at all. Which is pretty amazing. Friday night we went to an Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine restaurant called Fasika, where we got to see traditional dancing. Yesterday we drove out to Debra Zeit to Haro Lake, walked around and took pictures. We also hosted Diane Ditmar's group who just came into town and were leaving today for Dese. Today we went to church then drove to Entoto Hill and walked up the hill and took some more pictures. So we've had a little bit of time to rest from a busy week this last week.

We are still trying to find something to do this week in the Mornings, but now have a plan for the Afternoons. We will be working at an Aids/HIV Orphanage in the afternoons from 3 to 6pm... I better get going because it has taken quite a while, once again, to get to this point. We will try to email again this week sometime... thanks again for your support