2006-11-06 Monday

We were anticipating a full day but nothing like we saw as we approached our site this morning! There had to be 500 people waiting for us on the hillside overlooking our clinic building. We were reminded of the stories in the Gospels that told of how the throngs followed Jesus and crowded in on Him as he taught and healed the multitudes with his Disciples. As we made our way through the mass of imploring folks to hand out the numbers we had a taste of what it must have been like for our Lord to see so many needs . people were reaching up and touching our clothes and putting their children in front of us . We knew we could only see 60-70 patients in the day so we put our heads together and decided to have some “mini” clinics like we did on Sat. So we quickly organized a headache clinic, cystitis clinic and parasite clinic which enabled us to see over 400 patients. Our wonderful Nurse-translators helped to make this possible. Health teaching was incorporated into the morning as was our puppet show on Daniel and the Lions Den and Frank’s presentation of the Evange-cube Gospel message. As exhausting as it was it was a thrill to serve this little community.

We examined a young boy with severe right-lower-quadrant pain and Dr. Phil decided he needed to be hospitalized for possible surgery. Gary arranged for him to be admitted to Project Mercy‘s hospital and Paulous carefully transported him in our van to Yetebon. Marta said that God must have something special in store for this young boy to have enabled him to be seen by our Docs at this time since his parents were reluctant to take him to a clinic. Dr Phil will continue to follow up with him and keep us posted on what happens.

We had a wonderful celebration Thank-you dinner tonight at a restaurant in Butijira. Team members were able to affirm the wonderful work that Gary and Peggy and Marta and Deme are doing here for the people of Yetebon. It will be hard for us to say good-bye on Thursday.

We have grateful hearts for all the God is doing in and through us as we minister in His name here at Project Mercy. We count it a joy and a privilege to be serving our Brothers and Sisters here in Ethiopia. Please continue to pray for us that we will “finish strong” the work God has set out for us to do !