2006-10-31 Tuesday Morning

In the middle of beautiful mountains (that remind us of Hawaii) we had Ethiopian coffee and fresh baked bread before starting out for the day. We toured and it was clear to see how God has used Marta & Deme, the founders of Project Mercy, to provide for a community in need.

We visited a 3rd grade classroom where we observed 50 children eager to learn. 4 children share one desk space and many have walked barefoot for 2 hours to arrive for their education. Children who arrive before 8am are given hot breakfast, which is often the most nutritional food they eat. 2000 children arrive each year hoping to be enrolled in the kindergarten class. Using a lottery system, 200 are admitted.

At the hospital we found beautiful flowers and a clean facility. There are approximately 50 beds for people, but extra cots are brought in as needed. People pay about 60 cents to see the doctor. The most common problems seem to be bowel obstructions or respiratory. The homes of the people have huts and when families cook, there is no space for the smoke to escape. It has been a fabulous adventure and we are learning a lot from our friends here!