2006-11-01 Wednesday Morning

Wow! Yesterday was filled with adventures with God. We started the morning with my favorite breakfast cereal – oatmeal. We needed a hearty breakfast because the mobile clinic got started, the dental clinic would open, and Phil and Tara worked with the staff at the hospital. Unfortunately, Marshall was not feeling well and he stayed behind. I saw 6 patients. I had a translator, Sinadu, and she was wonderful. She’s a pediatric nurse in Addis and was quick and eager to learn. One of my patients was so pleased with how her teeth looked, she wanted to have a picture taken with me.

God is faithful and gives us whatever is needed. Before I left for Africa, I was told the room I would use did not have a light. Marshall bought us miner’s lights and I thought I would look anything but human – miner’s light, loupes, face mask, white gown, my hair sticking out, and pink gloved hands. When we started to set up the rooms, Peggy brought in a light – an answer to prayer.

Yesterday was registration day for the kindergarten class at Project Mercy. It was amazing to see children and parents standing at the gate. There were only 200 spaces available and about 2000 children ran into the compound when the gates opened. The 200 children are chosen by lottery. Marta had a heartbreaking task of dealing with the parents whose children were not selected. The children who were selected will have an education through the 11th grade. In the kindergarten, these children will learn about personal hygiene, get bathed, fed, nurtured, and start learning. The program is amazing and world class. Ethiopians are eager to be educated!