2006-11-02 07:00 Thursday Morning

Dr. Phil took care of patients in the Project Mercy hospital today. He admitted a patient with congestive heart failure and was very busy in the outpatient clinic. Coronary disease is not that common in this part of the world, partly because the average life span in Ethiopia is about 48 years old. The EKG machine had not been used for awhile, but with a little TLC, delivered a tracing. The patient was much improved after 12 hours of hospitalization. Tara, our nurse working at the Project Mercy hospital today, was also busy checking up on patients and doing some nurse education.

Dr Marshall was over his traveler’s diarrhea and did 11 dental exams today and 9 dental operations. He performed what is probably the first root canal orthodontic surgery at Project Mercy hospital today. Arlene continued clean the teeth of patients who were badly in need of this service.

The mobile health care team continued at the same site as yesterday and saw 70 out patients today. Frank presented the Gospel to a Muslim worker at the clinic using the evangicube. This Muslim accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Overhearing the conversation in the next room, one of our language translators asked about this Jesus. Frank then evangelized to him and he also accepted Jesus at his personal Lord and Savior. Later in the day, Frank shared the Gospel with 60 adults and children at his feet. We don’t know how many believers came from that witnessing, but there is no doubt some heard the Gospel for the first time. Our 2 days at this mobile medical clinic site was, all in all, successful. We pray that those new believers will be able to follow up in the local churches. Tomorrow it will be on to the second of our four mobile medical clinic sites.