We are very excited to tell you about our trip to Ethiopia which is coming up October 27 through November 11, 2006. And since we know that there is no way that we can do this trip on our own strength, we would appreciate your prayers, as we prepare for this adventure, and while we are gone. Also pray for our ministry partners, Project Mercy, and the pastors and congregations in the rural areas of Ethiopia. It is critically important that the Holy Spirit guides and protects us, every step of the way.

During our trip, we’ll be serving, in Yetebon, Ethiopia. Ethiopia ranks as the 8th poorest country in the world and 5th worst in HIV/AIDS. Infant mortality and mothers dying at birth is the 7th worst worldwide. Average life expectancy is about 30 years lower than the U.S. Overall, it is clearly one of the neediest places on the globe.

Our mission’s partner is Project Mercy, which serves in one of the poorest rural areas (Yetebon, Ethiopia). They provide famine relief, education (K through 12th), agricultural improvements, animal husbandry, vocational training and medical and dental services. Our team will have four focus areas; 1) formal medical training for the doctors and nurses at their hospital, 2) mobile medical clinics in the remote villages 3) dental services, 4) training on how to study the bible. We’ll be teaching about 40 to 50 medical staff at their hospital. Our mobile medical clinic will provide health care for about 500 to 600 adults and children in these remote villages and dispensing over 2,000 medicines.

Since Ethiopia is about 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, we hope to have the opportunity to share Christ with our Muslim cousins. The specific villages that we’ll be working in will be about 95% Muslim and we’ll be working side-by-side with Christian church-planting pastors. Sometimes our sharing happens by “Proclaiming the word of God”, and other times it will be “Proclaiming the Good News by our Presence”.

Please pray;

  • That we will be able to serve with energy and love
  • That valuable medical care will be provided in Christ’s name
  • For team unity in a very difficult environment
  • For safety and health during the trip
  • Flexibility to adapt to cultural differences and schedule changes
  • Openness to God's leading and lessons
  • A servant heart
  • Blessed fellowship with our partners in local missions
  • That an impact will be made that glorifies Jesus Christ

Thank you for your support, prayers and love. In Christ’s service,

The November 2006 Ethiopian Medical Mission’s team.