Friday October 27th

The team went to Roggie Village. How do we describe the abundance we experienced there? God had great things in store for us. In general, the health of the children had improved notably from one year ago according to a self-professed non observant engineer (tongue in cheek) – Mike Joyce! As the team arrived, the women, children and livestock were gathered around the new well with smiles and thank you’s. Each were filling their containers with crystal clear water…one woman was cooling her feet in a wide street of water, behind her were livestock drinking. There is 300 feet of existing water in the well – the flow rate is 137 gallons per minute. Hallelujiah!!!

The well is not functional at this point, however. There needs to be a diesel powered generator, a building around that, a submersible pump installed, 2500 feet of pipeline installed, 2500 gallon elevated storage tank and one 6 faucet distribution station. What this means is that it is possible for 4,000 people in this small village to have water. This is only a well casing that is capable of pumping water. That would take another 2 to 3 months.

The team then visited the school which was built by MPPC through HOPE which is celebrating its third year – now up to 150 kids. Eliza uncovered an unknown calling as she stumbled into a classroom with no teacher, began doing multiplication problems on the classroom – such as 9 x 6 – to 7 to 9 year olds. There were 50 kids in the class, all very well-behaved, answering these questions! The classes of younger children received new uniforms especially made for each child. We brought school supplies for 150 kids – thank you, Mothers Together! Even after a month and a half, they knew the entire English alphabet and can do simple addition, and knew all the parts of the face in English, plus their colors.

MPPC & Moms Together sponsored the purchase of 3 mountain bikes for the 3 teachers to commute each day their 7 kilometer journey – which saves probably an hour of travel on foot. Mike’s Bikes donated 3 bike pumps. Immediately, the teachers got on excitedly and one remarked “now, I’ll be on time!”

We also brought soccer balls to share and enjoyed playing with the men from the village. They seemed to prefer volleying the balls – perhaps because they were so new? This was the first time that the men from the village seemed interested in interacting with us.