Saturday, October 28th

Two members of our team and Bennie Ingraham met with with Tadele Mamo who is the anti-HIV-AIDS coordinator for ECFE. He took them to 2 different small communities about 10 kilometers outside of Naz’ret. In each, there was a local fellowship of evangelical churches, Shoa community. There was a strong sense of community in each location. They pool their money to support the AIDS orphans. MPPC sponsors school fees, uniforms, and supplies for 40 children in Shoa. Menlo also supplied 40,000 birr worth of AIDS related medications to the local, government sponsored hospital (about 5% of the hospital’s overall budget for medication – which is 800,000 birr)/ 40k birr = $4500 and 800k birr = $72,000. Their needs were many: transportation for the missionaries, HIV-AIDS care supplies, training for care of AIDS patients, entrepreneurship training for AIDS self-help groups.