Justice Team Mission:
To help move the vision forward of bringing “up there, down here” by considering God’s heart for justice in Ethiopia. Our aim is to empower Ethiopian ministries that are building relationships with those marginalized individuals and processes within Ethiopian culture whom God may use as our strongest partners and agents for Kingdom change.

Justice Team Itinerary:

10/22  Depart for Ethiopia (2 p.m. PST)
10/23  Late Night Arrival in Addis Ababa
10/24  Cultural Tour and Preliminary Meeting with Fuel Wood Carriers (Addis Ababa)
10/25  HOPE Feeding Programs and Fistula Hospital (Addis Ababa)
10/26  ECFE visit with Tsaganesh, Hope Ceramics and Ellilta Nazaret (Addis Ababa/Nazaret)
10/27  Roggie Village and Drive to Nazaret (Roggie Village/Nazaret)
10/28  Meet with Self Help Groups and Sammy of Remember the Poorest Community, Drive to Addis Ababa (Nazaret/Addis Ababa)
10/29  Church in Addis Ababa for dinner and evening of Ethiopian Dance (Addis Ababa)
10/30  Ellilta in Addis Ababa and Abraham's Homes (Addis Ababa)
10/31  Sisters of Charity House of the Destitute and Dying (Addis Ababa)
11/1  World Vision ADP (Addis Ababa), Drive to Weliso Lodge for debrief (Weliso)
11/2  Debrief at Weliso Lodge (Weliso)
11/3  Depart Lodge and meet with John and Anne Wheeler-Waddell, time for shopping and arrive at airport. Depart Ethiopia.
11/4  Arrive home around noon (PST time)