Roggie Well and Water Project- MPPC and Hope Enterprises (www.hopeenterprises.org) is in the process of digging a well to increase the daily water from 32 ounces to 5+ gallons and to decrease women’ time walking to get fresh water from six hours to thirty minutes. (We are carrying the well contract with us to Ethiopia. We learned this past Monday that water was found! Alleluia!)

2 Ellilta Project- A holistic ministry that works with ex-commercial sex workers in Addis Ababa and Nazaret. (MPPC just approved $37K over three years to support this important ministry.)

3 ECFE Womens Ministries Project- This ministry is headed by Tseganesh Ayele, a woman who trains other women to address gender and family issues from a Biblical perspective. Issues include increasing literacy, healthy marriages and no FGM. (We are meeting with Tseganesh when we arrive in Addis Ababa.)

4 Remember the Poorest Community Project- MPPC is partnering with ECFE in caring for children in Nazaret, a city with a high HIV rate. (We are planning to meet with Sammy who heads this project while we are in Nazaret.)

5 CutFlowers Project- A Biblical Response to Female Genital Mutilation. This book is being translated into Amharic, one of the most popular languages in Ethiopia. 10,000 Evangelical Pastors will receive this book by 2007. Much of the population is illiterate. The hope is that by training Pastors, local communities can be educated against FGM. In May 2005, laws were passed in Ethiopia criminalizing FGM, Domestic Violence and Rape. (We are going to Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa where FGM patients are treated.)

6 Pre-Street Girl's Home in Addis Ababa- 12 girls are living in Abraham's girls’ house right now. There are two sets of sisters. These girls will finish High School and be raised in a home-like environment centered on Jesus Christ. (We are bringing these girls clothes and a laptop.)

7 Street Boys Home in Addis Ababa-MPPC's 2004 Christmas Offering funded this home. Three classes of street boys have been graduated into healthy vocations. Many are trained to come back and mentor new students. (We are bringing supplies and clothes to the boys.)

8 Heavenly Treasure Project- This micro-enterprise project matches Ethiopian Christian organizations with US markets. www.heavenlytreasures.org (MPPC is hosting a gift faire on November 18-19 to sell Ethiopian and other African crafts.)