Hello to Everyone in the U.S.

The Ethiopia team made it here safely Wed. night, only 26 hours door to door. We got some good rest and hit the ground running today with home visits. We met up with the medical team and Andy Warren's ARV adherence program. With translators, we went out in small groups to visit the homes of beneficiaries in the Bole region of Addis. This is the new project expansion that MPPC funded and that started up in November. The people in the project are loving the help they receive in terms of food, home visits, spiritual counseling, and support groups. The support groups are a very successful part of the ministry, with the women and men's groups providing a great deal of encouragement for combating stigma and finding hope.

Here is one story:

Megbenesh is a mother of two who lives in Bole and has HIV. She has been part of the adherence program for 3 months. Her daughter works to support the family and has been a great help, but her 7 year old son Mentesnot is HIV positive and she is very concerned for his health. The program helps her greatly, but the amazing part of her story is that she has already been a huge help to others. She found a woman named Lemlem living on the streets and brought her to the project. Lemlem is also HIV positive and is now getting medical and nutritional assistance. But Megbenesh did not stop there, she also took the woman into her home and shares what little she has with Lemlem. Megbenesh is also a woman who comforts others when they are feeling discouraged. She also offered us each a banana from her small store of food. Despite her own struggles, Megbenesh is an inspiration for all of us, and the light of Jesus shines out from her. She asks for prayer for strength and especially for the health of her son.

Pictured here are Megbenesh and Danny, a who translated for us.

Christen, Kristin, and Terri with another beneficiary and her family.

Please continue to pray for the team. Pray that Katie's two bags will arrive tomorrow night as they contain not only all of Katie's personal items, but also many supplies we want to use and give to projects here. Pray for our health and that we can build good relationships with all of the different ministries here. We are also thinking about you and praying for all of you.