Day 10

Trucks are only allowed to enter Addis Ababa at night and on Saturdays, so the road from Debre Zeit was choked with heavy equipment spewing thick diesel fumes and exhaust. We passed the prison where leaders of the opposition party are still imprisoned after protesting the election results more than a year ago. In Addis, Kristin and Kay were able to visit the orphanage from which the Stouts hope to adopt their next baby in less than a year. Christen met the little boy she will be sponsoring through Mission of Mercy, and others shopped for Ethiopian specialties. After a celebratory dinner, we drove to the airport for our flight home. God has protected us so clearly, and we are grateful for all that He has taught us through our visits. We feel much more connected to the ministry partners our church is supporting, and are confident that the money from the church is being used well. The Ethiopia Initiative involves helping Christians in that country minister to human need, as well as changing hearts at home, giving our congregation global eyes and a Kingdom heart. This trip affirmed that this vision is well under way!


Truck traffic in Nazret is constant and heavy. Our trip back to Addis was 100 kilometers of thick exhaust and narrow misses!