Today the team had a wonderful Easter filled with fellowship and some down time. We met in the morning to reflect on the amazing day yesterday with Harvest Church of God. Then we were off to the International Evangelical Church for the Easter service. The worship team included people from Kenya, America, Ethiopia, and the Philippines. The crowd was filled with people from all over the world, and it was amazing to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with many Christians in Ethiopia.

After the service, the team had lunch with the medical team at a restaurant called the Top View. We had a view of most of Addis while we ate, and once again our driver Michael joined us and continued to teach us interesting things about the culture. For example, the night before Easter is filled with worship that people attend until 3 am. At 2 am, a chicken is killed and prepared in a special stew (doro wat) that is consumed at 3 am. On the morning of Easter, the family then kills a goat and creates the special Easter meal eaten later in the day. This is my third trip to Ethiopia, and I have never seen so much livestock running around the city in preparation for the celebration! We expect to see a decrease tomorrow…

The afternoon was filled with rest and many of us made phone calls home tonight. We are gearing up for a big day tomorrow filled with visits and ministry with the medical team.

Melcham Fasika (Good Easter)

The Top View restaurant has a beautiful view of Addis Ababa. We watched an early rainstorm move over the city as we ate.