Today, Monday April 9th, was one packed day for our team! Katie and Janet headed to Harvest Church of God to work with their staff in developing a web site and collateral for the community that explained their different ministries. Kristen, Kay, Terri, and Christen went and visited Hope Enterprise's morning feeding programs for orphans and street children. Then they headed to Mother Theresa's orphanage for HIV positive children. They were able to tour the grounds and see all the different areas of the orphanage including the ICU for infants and then the different areas separated by age of the children. They were able to see the pharmacy and gardens and different areas for recreation for the children. The children were beautiful and filled with joy, and able to live in a type of sanctuary despite their health conditions.

In the afternoon the team met up at the Bole clinic, where the MPPC medical team was holding a clinic for the neighborhood. There were not as many people as expected but it was a great time to see some of the people that the AIDS team had met during home visits on their first day in Addis. It was also a great time to be involved with the children of the patients and spend time playing football and making crafts with them.

Monday evening both teams met at the Ghion Hotel for a dinner with the Ethiopian World Vision team to hear their experiences and visions for the future of Ethiopia.

It was one packed day but filled with joy and time to build relationships.

Christen and Terri help serve breakfast to street children at Hope Enterprises -- a banana, two or three rolls, and a cup of hot tea with milk; probably the only meal most of them will get.