Today we visited Remember the Poorest Community in Nazareth. This is one of the ministries MPPC is supporting. They rehabilitate street boys, run a kindergarten for poor children, and support orphans living with guardians.

We were greeted by by children in the school shouting Welcome! and singing in English Old MacDonald Had A Farm, BINGO, and Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star. They were very excited and kept moving forward crowding us. We taught them the words and motions for I Have Love Love Love in My Heart. They are very fast learners.

We then were given a presentations on their programs. MPPC's help enabled them to buy shoes and socks for 200 children, some of whom had never had them before. We also help with orphan support. We visited the homes of several women who were HIV+ but on anti-retroviral medications. They had formerly been bedridden for months, but now were able to work and care for their children. The poverty in this neighborhood was really disturbing; one woman's house was about the size of a walk-in closet and it was located downwind from the public latrine. She earned $10 a month working but paid $6 a month in rent. Her daughter Tigist was a darling 7 year old but she is losing her appetite and probably is HIV+ also.

It' s hard seeing this suffering, but we are thankful that MPPC is able to help these people.

'Remember the Poorest Community' Kindergarten in Nazret -- children from 4 to 7 greeted us with songs in English.