April 3-15, 2007
HIV/AIDS Project Focus

The Ethiopia Initiative's HIV/AIDS committee is excited to embark on the first trip to visit projects sponsored by this part of the initiative. A medical team working with one of the partner projects will overlap with our trip and we will be able to do some work together. We are hoping to make contact with all six projects currently sponsored by MPPC. The projects are located in Addis Ababa, and in the Wonji/Nazret region. The projects focus on prevention, education, homecare, orphan care, and microenterprise for sustainability. Local churches are an integral part of each project.

The team is also excited to visit a World Vision Area Development Project in the Nazret area, to see if MPPC could be involved in this type of work as well. We are looking forward to forming relationships and participating in the different ministries focused on those with HIV/AIDS. As we will be in Ethiopia over Easter, we also hope to worship with Ethiopians for this important holiday.

Mission Statement:
We have come to serve, to give and to illuminate the love of Christ
in the fullness of God's ever flowing grace as we are His workmanship.


  • April 3rd - Fly to Frankfurt
  • April 4th - Fly to Addis- get in at 9 pm
  • April 5th - Addis Ababa- Home Visits with Andy Warren and the medical team
  • April 6th - Addis Ababa- possibly work with Meserete Kristos ministry or do a clinic with the medical team
  • April 7th - Addis Ababa- Work with Harvest Church of God children and youth ministry
  • April 8th - Easter- Addis Ababa- Worship in Addis
  • April 9th - Addis Ababa- Activities not confirmed
  • April 10th - Addis Ababa/Nazret- Drive to Wonji/Nazret about 2 1/2 hours East of Addis Ababa- Work with Remember the Poorest Community
  • April 11th - Wonji- See projects in Wonji Shoa and Wonji Gefersa
  • April 12th - Nazret- See World Vision Area Development Program
  • April 13th - Nazret/Debre Zeit- Drive to Debre Zeit (on the way back to Addis) and debrief during afternoon, spend the night
  • April 14th - Debre Zeit/Addis- Drive back to Addis and finish meetings, visit places in city, fly home that evening
  • April 15th - Arrive back at SFO in the morning

Quite an itinerary we have lined up but we are very excited to meet many of our ministry partners. Thank you for your prayers as we embark on this journey.