Day 16 and Beyond – Reflections from Home

I feel empty or like a part of me is missing, like I left a part of me there in Ethiopia. No one understands, unless they were there. I try to tell people about the trip and how amazing it was, but what I say doesn't even begin to do it justice. This trip is one of the, if not the most, amazing experiences of my life; however the pain that comes with it is almost unbearable. I love thinking about the trip and remembering the good times, yet I always end in tears. My heart broke. I knew it would and I knew it should because that's the only way I could truly know, truly begin to feel, and truly take it all in. You can't really know until your heart breaks. What some people call hard here in America is crap, for lack of a better word. Comparatively, it's nothing.

Love. It transcends boundaries, cultures, language, worlds, differences. It crosses all lines. Love may not always seem like enough...but it is. Loves triumphs over hardship, over everything. My heart broke...but it opened me to love; through the brokenness my heart grew. It's hard to believe that the heart can be full of love yet broken at the same time, but maybe that's the only way.