Day 6: Good Friday, was a wonderful day of reflection. The clinic and most other activities in Addis were closed, so we were able to sleep in a little longer, a much needed rest. Mike led a wonderful devotion on compassion. We reflected on the incredible compassion of our Lord, manifested in His descent from glory to death on the cross out of His great love for us. Our more relaxed schedule allowed an extended time of intimate sharing. These times together have been a great blessing and encouragement for all of us.

Following a good dose of American food at a Pizza Parlor, we drove to "The Trampled Rose", now called "Women for Women", followed by a visit to the Fistula Hospital in Addis. Both of these ministries serve women with fistulas, a disabling condition of chronic urinary incontinence as a result of childbirth. The problem is endemic in Ethiopia because of small stature of the birth moms from malnutrition, resulting in inadequate pelvic size for normal birth. Many women and their babies die as a result. Those women who survive this traumatic birth are often left with fistulas and become outcast as a result of their incontinence, often rejected by their families and even refused treatment at most hospitals.

The Fistula Hospital in Addis is the only one in the world solely dedicated to the correction of this problem. It is an absolute gem in God's kingdom, giving Christ's love through holistic care, education, as well as medical and surgical therapy. It is spotlessly clean, with beautiful gardens, an atmosphere reflecting the new life given to these women. There are an estimated 40,000-100,000 women needing fistula repair surgery. Women for Women, a separate ministry from the Fistula Hospital, provides housing for women coming in from the country waiting to be admitted to the Fistula Hospital.

We were encouraged to see how God is at work through His dedicated servants at both of these ministries. The photos are from Women for Women, where we were served a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony by the residence. The colorful baskets are made by the residence from discarded plastic bags! (The Fistula Hospital did not allow any photography).