Day 8 Easter Sunday
What a glorious Easter. The sky was clear, a brisk breeze having cleared the air overnight, and the quiet was punctuated only by the many birds singing at the warm morning sun. Chelsea was up early ahead of the rest of us, and surprised us with a breakfast of French toast and scrambled eggs she prepared as we were awakening. Mimi led our morning devotion, which dealt with love and humility. We all felt very blessed to be celebrating Easter with our team in Addis Ababa, but also were missing our families and the celebration at home.

We hopped into our coach and drove to the International Evangelical Church where we met up with Katie Finlay's and Kristin Stout's team of 6 women from MPPC. The service was truly a celebration of the worldwide church community, as evidenced by singing the first verse of one of the songs in Amharic and English as well as the native tongues of Nigeria and the Philippines. Pastor Bill Black delivered a sermon titled "God's Answer", as he read from the book of Mark. He reminded the congregation of Jesus healing the sick, driving out evil spirits, calming the wind and waves, bringing back a young woman from death, and then Himself triumphing over death with his resurrection.

Following church, we drove up to Topview Restaurant, which as you might guess from the name was high on a hill and gave a panoramic view of all of Addis. We were struck by how beautiful the city appeared from up high, and the contrast with what we had seen on the streets and in the homes. While we were there rainclouds rolled in and a cool gentle rain began to fall. Back at the guesthouse, a quiet afternoon of journaling, reading and napping ensued as we all enjoyed the cool afternoon in various ways. Tomorrow we will arise early for the first of three straight days of mobile clinics, and we are looking forward to the days of hard work and service.

We continue to feel your prayers and appreciate your support of our team back at home. Please pray that we will be able to minister successfully to many in our upcoming clinics, and that we are able to be good witnesses for the Lord.