Cinco de Mayo

LucyHey, we finally made it to Ethiopia, safe and sound.  Total travel time logged 26 hours. We encountered some airport delays due to a new air traffic controller system in Frankfurt which decided to run glitch maneuvers while we waited. We ran our patience maneuvers while we were being used as guinea pigs while they tested their computer system.  As we flew over the Sudan, Anna said it seemed that the ground was dusted with cinnamon. We arrived at our hotel at 11:30 pm (1:30 pm California time) with only 30 minutes left to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.   We praised God for the travel mercies and His faithfulness to us in the midst of challenges at the airport with customs. We crashed and burned and went right to sleep and slept until the Muslim chanting woke us up at 4 am which lasted for what seemed to be hours.  But God’s birds were singing to us. The good news is we were able to connect with Jen, our tenth team member who flew in from Wisconsin.

Today was our day to attend a church called International Evangelical Church located in town and close to our hotel.  Surprisingly, we found ourselves surrounded by ex-pats from all over who had answered the call to come and serve God’s people in Ethiopia.

After church we went to lunch at the Addis Carnivore, a small restaurant nearby, where we were joined by Cherry, Fred and her young son, John.  Cherry is the Director of one of the organizations we will be serving called Ellilta.  Cherry shared her story about how she started Ellilta 10 years ago. We learned how God is using her to serve victimized women courageously attempting to change their lives.

After lunch we toured the National Museum and had the opportunity to learn more about the country’s history. We also had the honor of meeting “Lucy” who is 3.2 million years old. The country is rich with history, and its people are overcoming much adversity.

Later on we met for dinner at the hotel and discussed our game plan for tomorrow. First thing in the morning, we will be visiting our Mission Partner, Hope Enterprise who is dedicated to working with the underserved.  We plan to work the Hope Enterprises’ children’s feeding program.  It’s getting late, and it’s time to turn in because we will be getting a very early start in the morning.

Tenastaline…  =^..^=

PS  You cannot imagine how many art supplies 5 art therapists can carry.
PPS: Please continue to keep us in your prayers…we remain grateful for them.