Day 3

DAy 3 Picture 1Every day here in Ethiopia brings new challenges and  what is now known as expected excitement.  God does have a way of showing us the needs of the people that we are visiting.  This morning the Team once again traveled to Ellilta to spend time with Cherry and her staff and to present her with our gift of a sewing machine for use at Ellilta as they develop their gift micro enterprise.  They have one lady on staff that is an accomplished seamstress, and she immediately sat down and started to learn the operations of the machine, although the operations manual was in English.  It was a delight to see how fast she was able to solve the language barrier.

Day 3 Picture 2After some time the Art Therapy Team departed for the counseling center to work with the Ellilta counselors, and the rest of the team (Teri, Jackie, Lisa and Bob) drove to La Chocolata to work with the cooks to develop some additional dishes that might appeal to the staff of the 10 to 12 embassies located nearby. The team spent the afternoon shopping for supplies and preparing nachos, cornbread and chocolate chip cookies like most of you have never had – but they were good.  

Later that evening we had dinner with Abraham and Salem at very nice restaurant and spent several hours just enjoying each other's company and giving God all the credit for allowing us the opportunity to meet such wonderful Ethiopians and to experience a small part of their ministries.