Day 4

Day 4 Picture 1It was one of those early morning starts – breakfast and an inspiring devotional on compassion by Teri.   Michel drove us to the Ceramic Shop operated by Hope. The Team met with a group of eight potters who shared the history of the shop and how their lives have been transformed by working at the shop.  One of the ladies showed us how to throw a pot on the wheel.  Not to be outdone, Jen stepped up and threw a pot of her own.  The ladies told us they could increase their ceramic production if they had a new and larger kiln and some other supplies.  They also added they would like to have a teacher to help them refine their craft.   We also had some time to spend with the street children that come to Hope for breakfast.  This morning some of us were able to work with the teacher as she taught an ESL class.

Day 4 Picture 2After a couple of hours we departed for Ellilta to spend time with the counselors and staff to discuss the concepts of grief, forgiveness and hope with the ladies.  Much to our delight the girls and staff are showing an ongoing eagerness to participate in the art making process.  Healing is now underway.  God is truly showing His manifold compassion, love and concern in many ways, and we remain amazed by the results of His unending grace.  After lunch the counselors, staff and girls all gathered under the warm Ethiopian sun to participate in an art experience and to see how grief and forgiveness affects their lives.   Tonight we had that traditional Ethiopian food- - - Pizza. 

Day 4 Picture 3Tomorrow we are all looking forward to going back to Elilta to have a craft fair with the ladies as we cook, make inspirational cards, batiks, offer pedicures and manicures and photographs.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers . . . . . . Salem