Dat 5

Day 5 Picture 1Well! its Friday morning and the sun is shinning and the air is cool.  The team has adjusted to the difference in time and seems to have adjusted to the culture and food.  So they are raring to go as we have our breakfast and devotional in the hotel amidst the many ministers of transportation who are here for a convention and of course all the Europeans who are trying to adjust to the Ethiopian children that they are adopting.

So at 8:30 off we go to Ellilta for what sounds like a fun and intense day.  The ladies at Ellilta always start out the day with devotionals, prayer and singing.  Day 5 Picture 2We must tell each of you that we have never heard such beautiful worship singing like we heard today. And, Teri’s devotional on the story of Hagar encouraged the ladies to trust in God’s unconditional love.  If that was all that was going to happen today, then we felt like we could go away feeling the love, gratitude, humility and the grace of God. 

Day 5 Picture 3But, we were only getting started with our day of celebration.  The team had organized a crafts fair for the ladies.  Of course the goal of the fair was for the ladies to have fun and possibly learn a craft that they could convert into money.  Doris and Jen manned the batik table and showed the ladies how to make batiks.  They even used a solar heater that Claudia had received as donation from Kaiser to melt the wax – and it worked.  Bennie, Ana and Jackie worked the manicure table, Ann and Claudia helped the ladies make compassion cards, Lisa was doing the embroidery, Teri was in the kitchen showing the ladies how to make chocolate chip cookies, and Bob was taking pictures of each of the ladies and printing them so the ladies could have their own photo of the day.

Day 5 Picture 4The ladies then hosted us to lunch, and we all shared our experiences of the morning.   After lunch some of the team went to Tropical Gardens for shopping at the biannual Bazaar and the Art Therapy Team stayed behind to instruct the counselors about the use of art-based assessments.  After about an hour the rest of the Team joined the group at the Bazaar, and we shopped until it closed.  The day ended with a great Chinese dinner and fellowship.

God Bless and we remain grateful for all your thoughts and prayers.