Day 6

Day 6 Picture 1Since it was Saturday we all slept in a little later and had a late breakfast.  Then we gathered on the Hotel patio under a warm Ethiopian sun with birds singing all around us for our morning devotional and prayer time.  Teri led the devotional this morning encouraging each of us to visualize ourselves where Jesus healed the blind man.  Just as she was telling us how Jesus credited the man’s faith for his healing a bluish colored monkey decided to join our devotional and he was not in a cage.  Now we were really faced with a faith issue – do we have faith that the monkey will leave or will he cause problems.  Fortunately our test of faith didn’t last long as the hotel staff chased him off.  Of course this event with the monkey led to a lively discussion on faith.

Still excited about our unexpected visit from the monkey we departed for a visit at Abraham’s Girls Home.  We met the girls and had fun doing art with them (did you know there are 4.5 million orphans in Ethiopia).  We met Kanjet, the house mom, who is dedicated to caring for these girls and teaching them the unlimited possibilities of their potential.

Day 6 Picture 2After lunch at the Hotel we paid a visit to Trampled Rose or Women for Women Outreach.  This is a home that was started several years ago by Rebekah Kiser from Colorado for ladies that are waiting to get into the Fistula Hospital for an operation.  The goal of the home is to provide the ladies with education, housing, skill training and a hope for the future.  Rebekah has also started the “Gap Girls” initiative for that 4% whose fistula cannot be completed healed.  It is Rebekah’s dream or goal to go to the villages and through education be able to eradicate the fistula problem.  A large task but our prayers are with and for her. After a tour of the home we then had a chance to talk and do art with the ladies.  Soon we were accepted into the group as we sang, laughed and with the help of Claudia and Ana and a makeshift drum provided by one of the ladies many of us launched into an impromptu dance of celebration to the Lord.  My can those Ethiopians dance. 

Day 6 Picture 3This evening ended with the team going to a cultural dance and dinner show at the Crown Hotel.  What good food, good entertainment and above all a wonderful time for all of us to just fellowship with each other.  The day was such a blessing to each of us.