Dat 7

Day 7 Picture 1Ethiopia seems always to be beautiful early in the morning and this morning God did not make an exception.  As a Team we started to appear one by one on the Hotel patio and having some very fine Ethiopian coffee - Ethiopia way – ½ hot milk, ½ strong coffee with a little sugar in a small cup.  Ethiopia may have many issues within their population and economy but they sure know how to drink coffee.  As we were sharing with each other, Teri walked in with our new friend Daniel who we met at Trampled Rose the day before.  What a fine young man and such an inspiration to the young people he is working with in his newly adopted village some 300 kilometers south of Addis.  You remember we talked about the solar heater that Claudia received as a donation from Kaiser, well; she gave the equipment to Daniel, as he does not have electricity at his farm.

Day 7 Picture 2After breakfast we left the Hotel to attend the International Lutheran Church where one of our MPPC Member in Missions John and Anne Wheeler-Waddell are serving and would you believe Ann was preaching today.  It was so good to see them again.  After church John and Ann joined us for delightful lunch and fellowship.

Day 7 Picture 3Since it is Sunday, Bennie decided that we should upgrade our Ethiopian cultural experience as she had made arrangements for us to have a private tour of Villa Alpha, the home of Ethiopia’s most famous artist, Afewerk Tekle.  And to make it even more exciting, Afewerk hosted the tour and told us about many of his paintings and sculptures. We left the Villa full of artistic culture and proceeded to Bruno’s for ice cream to top off our day. What a short-term mission trip but then again someone has to do it.

We continue to thank you for your prayers and support and we promise that tomorrow we will get back on the mission track as we wind down our time here in Ethiopia.