Day 8

Day 8 Picture 1As it has been since we arrived, the early Ethiopian mornings are cool and filled with the sounds of birds everywhere.  Today is no exception.  Our morning devotion centered on “Inner Brokenness” and the concept of inner and worldly poverty.  We discussed how the cry for communion in the poor and broken makes us touch our own inner pain.  In part, this devotion prepared us for our visit to the Sisters of Charity ministry in Addis.  A ministry that some of the Team wanted to avoid because we knew it would be hard to see the plight of the poorest of the poorest, but being “The Team” we jumped in the minibus knowing are hearts are about to be broken.

As we turned into the gates we were greeted by one of the Sisters who gave us a brief overview of the facility.  She then excused herself, as she had to go out and shop and solicit food for the day and then turned us over to one of the guides for the visit of the hospital and orphanage.  Incidentally, one of the Team questions was, “how many adults and children are at this facility”?  The answer was, “we don’t know, as we refuse no one”.  As we toured the hospital we saw people in the final stage of dying with aids, men with TB and malaria and children with mental retardation.  This was hard to see and some of the Team held back with tears in their eyes while some of the others seemed to be in the midst of it all with hugs and words of encouragement.  We then went to the orphanage and listened to the school children sing us several songs.  They are truly precious in His sight.  After the visit and we were back in the minibus, the Team was unusually quite as it seemed we all needed time to process the experience.

The afternoon was scheduled for a time at Ellilta for closure of the past week and a celebration.  Doris opened the afternoon with a study on Romans and the power of redemption.  The Team then encouraged the ladies to draw “Mandalas” (round pictures) and to share the expressions of their drawings.  And then it was time to celebrate with gifts (thanks to Jackie) and cake and hugs and kisses.  We will always remember and carry these courageous ladies in our hearts and prayers as they struggle to break away from prostitution. 

Our mission in Ethiopia is not complete but our time has run out, as tomorrow we will be traveling to our undisclosed debriefing site.   Xabier Yibarkachihu. . .