I made it to Ethiopia last night and was greeted by Zenebe and Teferda, 2 amazing men that will be assisting Callie and I while we are here! What an amazing place I am in.

The people are amazing and the children at HOPE ENTERPRISE School are so great! They are filled with joy and have the biggest smiles I have ever seen.

We spent all day at HOPE school and I actually taught a Kindergarten class for 1 hour! Who knew I could teach??? It was great, the students were learning the letter ‘G’. Callie also taught a different class at the same time next door. We had fun singing and learning with the students.

Callie has been here for 10 days and knows her way around, she is showing me the ropes and in one day I have already: Taken a ‘mini-bus’ with the locals, shopped at the corner store for dinner, and made it to the Internet Café.

Please continue to pray for health for both Callie and I – Callie is trying to get over a cold and I am trying not to get one!

Thank you for your prayers, God is so great and I feel very close to Him here!