Day 2

We arose with the chanting Monks around 5:45am to get out of the house by 6 and head to the ‘Feeding Center’ in Addis. We met up with 4 other Americans here from Seattle Pacific University that will be spending 1 year in Ethiopia. They have already been here working with HOPE for 3 months and have embraced us with such love.

At the ‘Feeding Center’ we played with young children for a few hours, folded injera and served 100’s of people lunch.  Pastor Matthews preached the Word for the people and we were able to play some more with the children.

We left around 2 and headed home on a mini-bus. We had planned to go Abraham’s home to visit with the women who live there, but were unable at the last minute and will now go on Sunday afternoon, after church.

Later that evening, Zenebe & his wife, Zemzem, had us over for a great dinner. We talked and laughed for many hours; they are amazing people. Zenebe is the President at HOPE and has many responsibilities, but made time to be with Callie and I for the entire evening.

It is Thanksgiving here and as I think of all the things I am thankful for, so many things come to mind. I am really thankful to be here seeing what God is up to in Ethiopia, I am thankful for everyone praying & I am thankful that the God of the Universe knows me and loves me.