Day 3

Today we were out the door and heading to Roggie Village by 7am. The drive is 4 hours to Roggie and it was a beautiful sight to see. So many animals, so many trees, and so many people waving at the “white” girls. It was funny.

Roggie is a where another school through HOPE Enterprises is located. MPPC sponsors all of the children that attend the school; which is 200 students right now. The school is very new (only about 2 years old) and today we got to help pass out brand new uniforms to the entire student body. Every student got a new shirt, new pants/shorts and new shoes.

Callie and I also brought some soccer balls, Frisbees, and Stanford Soccer t-shirts for the students today. We played soccer and Frisbee for a couple hours and it was exhausting! The weather is very warm in Roggie compared to Addis. The students were full of energy and joy, and had fun asking us questions in English. They had quite a few phrases nailed down. I was very impressed.

It has been so easy to see God shinning through the students here in Ethiopia as they are always so loving and full of affection. They always grab for our hands, hug us and kiss us, even if they don’t know us. It is really endearing and I have been moved by their actions.

Our driver, Teferda, and the director of this branch of the HOPE schools took us to dinner as we headed home at dusk. It was a long day, but a very fruitful and exciting one to see all the work that has gone on at Roggie from everyone at MPPC. The water well looks amazing and is continuing to supply fresh, clean water; the students are learning various subjects; and they are very healthy since the ‘medical-mission trip’ a month ago. Praise Jesus!