Day 4

Since today is Saturday, we started our day by going to a “Bazar” at the International Evangelical Church in Addis. It is like a ‘flea-market’ in the States, but for NGO companies. Everyone is selling goods for different causes. It was a really great morning of meeting many other people from different countries and buying gifts for friends and family.

After the Bazar, we were invited over to our American friends’ house. They live about 15km away from us and will be there for 1 year. They welcomed us with dinner and we were able to meet all of their neighbors.

From dinner we went to a Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant to watch Ethiopian dancing. It was such a treat to see the men and women dancing in ways I could never imagine! One of the best parts of the evening was that we were with many new friends, Ethiopian and American. God has provided many people in our lives as we are such a small team of only 2. Our newest Ethiopian friend Getu is a great guy and has connected with the other Americans here for the last 3 months. I will include a picture!