Dat 5

Sunday…a day of Rest. Well, kinda!

We went to church at the same place the Bazar was at yesterday, the International Evangelical Church, which is also a Seminary School here. A man that is very dear to us at the guest house, Alieu, attends school there.

Church was an amazing time of worship, Callie, our housemate, Caleb and I all went together and were able to meet a few people after the service. One woman from Nigeria and her precious baby, Eddy, as well as a missionary family from the States that have been here 14 years!!!!

After Church we were greeted by Tumuskin, who is a driver for HOPE Enterprise. He took us over to the Abraham’s Homes for the Girls and the Boys. These are homes for orphan girls that are between 12-14 years old and orphan boys who are between 12-17 years old.

At Abraham’s home for the girls, there were 13 girls and we made Gingerbread Houses, decorated Christmas cards and played many games. We laughed and laughed at our houses falling apart and when we were playing musical chairs. They even played a funny trick on me and I fell for it.

We were able to be at the girls’ home for over 4 hours! It was such a sweet time to meet them, sing with them, and play with them!