Day 6

After a rough night of coughing and sneezing I (Julie) got up to find 2 more families here at the Guest house with us. They are both from the States and will be adopting here in Ethiopia.

Callie and I headed to school around 8am to teach again for the Kindergarteners. I taught the letter ‘I’ to the students and we had so much fun screaming “Ice-Cream”, “Ice-Cream”, “Ink”, “Ink”.

I got to meet more Ethiopian teachers and hear some of their stories. I spent a lot of time with one teacher in particular named Eyob (Job in English). I was able to pray with him about his future and talk to him about his current teaching position. I feel very fortunate to have had that time with him.

After school Callie and I went with Pastor Matthews and Zenebe to the Sisters of Charity Hospital. It was an eye opening experience. We were guided by a man who shared many details about each room and each person’s situation in the hospital. He told us that 3 men actually died today from TB. Pastor Matthews told us that by being present with the men and women there, we were able to bring some light to their dark situations. We didn’t do much, but I guess just being present was enough!