Dat 7

Callie and I headed back to the feeding center today at HOPE via mini bus. Mini buses are like “van-taxi’s” that everyone uses here in Ethiopia. They are super cheap and fun to ride as we get to meet all the locals heading to work. We try to communicate as best we can with all of the men and women, though our Amahric is pretty limited.

At the feeding center today we got to share our testimonies to the children about how God is in our lives. Pastor Matthews translated as we shared our story of how much God loves us and why we are Christians. It was a great experience to share with all of our new little friends. All the children at the feeding center are between 6-13 years old and have the biggest smiles you have ever seen. They love hugging and kissing us or playing with the camera!

While at the center we ran into the President of HOPE Enterprises, Dr. Minus. He asked us to join him and some people from Holland to visit the construction site of the new HOPE University. Lord willing, this new university should be completed in the next 2 years. (maybe 3, but the construction is underway right now!) This was a very exciting thing to see since I didn’t know it even existed. The focus of the new university will be on Christian leadership.  Dr. Minus has been the President for 21 years now and has seen HOPE grow and transform from 1 small project in Addis to now 6 campus’s active and 1 on the way. What an amazing man he is!

Tonight for dinner, Callie and I wanted to treat the ‘house-manager’ at the guest house, Kidist, and her husband to dinner! They have been so great to us and we wanted to say thank you. We decided that just Kidist and Alayu were not enough…soon, we invited the guard of the house, Kidist sister, Tigist, and another worker here, Hannah! It was amazing!!! So great to fellowship with them and treat them to a great traditional Ethiopian meal.