Day 8

Today was our last day at the HOPE school in Addis. We each taught one last class of Kindergarten and had to say goodbye to all of our students. It was a bummer.

Today we were at HOPE from 9-4:30, visiting with teachers we have become friends with, observing different classes, and helping with English whenever possible. It was a great day to connect with so many people and realize that even in such a short time, we were able to make an impact by being here.

After school Pastor Matthews invited us over for a traditional coffee ceremony with his wife and family. He lives about 20 minutes away by foot so we walked home with him and a bunch of the students. It was a really great experience to walk hand-in-hand with students singing down the street. They know a few English songs so we were singing while walking through town. If you know Pastor Matthews, you know how big his heart is, and we were so blessed to be with him and his family for a short period of time this evening.

We headed home at dark to see 2 new adopted babies in the guest house!! It was awesome! Now there is a 2 year old boy and a 4 month old girl. Both will be heading home to the States in the next week with their new families. Praise God!

Callie and I went to dinner with some of the other guest’s in the house from Holland at an amazing pizza restaurant up the street.  Our time with Daniel and Gertrude was absolutely hilarious. We had such a great time together & it made for an excellent last dinner in Addis.

We head to the feeding center tomorrow (Thursday) from 7-12 and then go to the airport at 7pm. Crazy how fast time flies! Callie has been in Africa since Nov. 1st and I have only been here 8 full days. What an adventure, to serve & and be served, to show love and be shown love and to meet so many amazing people. Only our Heavenly Father could provide such an experience. We serve such a good God.

See you at home!