The village of Silti was our destination this morning.  I remembered this village from last year and I was a little apprehensive.  It was the one village where the crowds were almost overwhelming and the people somewhat uncooperative.  There was a completely different spirit there this year.  The people listened to Michael’s talk and allowed us to pick the sickest to be seen first.  There was a “lighter” sense and a more cooperative spirit in the whole village.  Two of the clinic workers remembered us from last year and helped us keep things running smoothly.

Some interesting patients….Our first one was a man brought to us in a wheel-barrow!  He had extreme hypertension and CHF.  We dosed him right away with a med that would bring his pressure down quickly.   We saw a baby with a severe burn from hot coffee that needed treatment and a young girl with an infected hip requiring an antibiotic injection.   There were lots of stomach ailments and infections and we saw about 75 patients today.  The Regis nurse practitioner students joined us again today so the Doc’s were instructors too.

Saying good-bye to our translators was very emotional for all of us. They are truly a part of our team and we just couldn’t do our clinics without them.  Farewells were long and tearful as we left them at the hotel in Butajira.  We plan to meet up again next year, Lord willing

At the end of dinner tonight, the Regis team gave a farewell desert in our honor with cakes all the way from Addis.  They had a little thank-you speech and a song for us to the tune of “Amazing Grace” and “Michael Row The Boat Ashore.”  Here it is below…

“Amazing group, how sweet you’ve been
To let us tag along
We once were lost, you showed us well
So let us sing this song.

Dr. Don, Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil, and Judy
Sally, Sally, Arlene & Kathryn
Siggie, Julia, Michael, Gaylynn
You,You,You,You,You,You (  ask a team member the significance of this phrase )

Michael you led this group so well,  Alleluia
Oh, the stories we have to tell,  Allelulia

T’.as grace that brought us all together
And Grace will get us home.
Chorus of You, you,you etc….

We leave for Roggie Village in the morning.  We can’t wait!