Day 2

Thank you, Lord, for getting us here safely!  We awoke to the sounds of the call for morning prayers (with roosters responding) and percolating Ethiopian coffee.  We had a breakfast that included “Bokomo Corn Flakes” and then set off for the English language service at BEZA International Church.

It never ceases to amaze when I see the reality of our worldwide fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ!  The service was so spirit-filled, with the message emphasizing that much of what God wants to do in our life is more about us changing than about our situation changing.  The highlight was the commissioning of five Rwandan aviation technicians, who sang an amazing a capella quintet in their native tongue.

After church, we met our translators, Kidist, Bemnet, Sinidu, Rachel, Meskerem and Misrach, who are experienced nurses who speak Amharic and English, among other languages.  Five of them worked with us last year and weren’t scared off!  We headed toward the Project Mercy compound near Yetebon, breaking down only once (fixable clutch problem).  Marta Gabre-Tsadick greeted us on our arrival and joined us for a “Western friendly” dinner.  We then organized all our meds, twelve 50 pound bags worth, in preparation for our visits to the outlying villages.  Thanks to you all for donating toward purchase these much needed medications!  (Editorial comment: we have never been this organized before preparing to go out and it was truly a wonder to behold – many thanks to Sally Marsh and the entire team).

A bit of history:   Marta had been the first woman to ever be appointed as a senator in Ethiopian government when, in 1994, a communist government deposed Emperor Haile Selassie.  After being placed on a “hit list” by the new government, Marta and her husband, Deme Tekle-Wold, escaped with their family to Ethiopia, then to Greece and eventually to Fort Wayne, IN, where they started a business.  They started Project Mercy from their exiled home in the United States. 

This ministry is astounding and we will get a tour with details tomorrow before heading to our first village.