Day 4

This is a beautiful Ethiopian morning.  The sun is incredible.  The morning started with us being served breakfast.  It is a challenge to allow ourselves to be cared for and yet it is part of this amazing experience.  We traveled to Buee and stopped at the hospital.  Siggie Stillman had gone with Arlene Dobashi to the dental clinic to repair the suction equipment, a successful venture. 

Today, too, is the registration day for the kindergarteners at Project Mercy.  There, more than a thousand children were waiting outside the gates to be screened.  They can only admit 200.  Marta was so excited because she truly regards these as her children.

We then stopped at Butajira to pick up our wonderful translators, such bright young nurses who are teaching us.  There is such joy and excitement as we venture out after our first clinic day.  Today was our second day at Buee.  The challenge started at the gate.  We were greeted by an overwhelming number of people waiting for us, some of whom had traveled for days.  Our clinics were very busy all afternoon, and the pharmacy went very smoothly (Sally Jane’s new organizational scheme working phenomenally well).  The public health education is going well, and it was a joy to see how happy patients are to come to the puppet shows.

We got together as a team this afternoon and have our plan for tomorrow.  We thank God for the beauty & skills of our translators.  Through and with them, we can serve the people who come to us.  Of course translators, members of the team, and the leaders of Project Mercy know and acknowledge aloud that whatever good is done is done through us by Jesus alone.  We praise Him!