Day 6

Today has been full of highlights of this amazing walk with God here in Ethiopia.  Having spent the last 3 days at the Buee Clinic, we moved on to Enseno today.  It is an area of great poverty, as evidenced by the large number of really sick & malnourished people and babies we treated. 

I decided to ask the team to tell me a highlight of their day to include in this report.  Most could not do it – they had too many highlights!  But I persisted, and these are their highlights.

Boss Michael – Seeing the way in which the people who came for treatment were willing to show kindness to one another, in cooperating with us as we chose the sickest people in the crowd of hundreds to be seen by the docs today.  (We will be returning there for 2 more days and knowing this helped them do that.)  “Oh, wait, there’s a bigger highlight: Seeing Julia tenderly wash the feet of an old woman.  She went to great lengths to improvise a way to soak her feet and care for them.”

Julia – “Our wonderful dinner and celebration tonight.”  (We had invited our translators to dinner and a bonfire and then had the special treat of about 20 of the children who live here sing for us. They sang Amharic and English songs.  They were awesome.)

Doc Phil (the Stillman one who is an anesthesiologist) – “Working alongside the doctors and nurses in the hospital today.” ( He assisted with 3 surgeries, one an emergency)

Kathryn – “The party and bonfire tonight, and honoring these amazing nurse translators we’ve been privileged to work with.   Oh, getting to see the moms receive the Atmit for their babies brought me to tears.” (Atmit is a high vitamin/protein powder made at Project Mercy and we have been able to use it to treat those with malnutrition)

Arleen- “Cleaning the teeth of 4 teenage boys and teaching them about good dental care and their eager acceptance of my direction.”

Gaylynne – “Getting to watch the whole Bible story puppet show and seeing the crowd’s reaction and enjoyment of the story of the Prodigal Son.”

Dr. Phil (the Strong one) – “Treating the man with Filariasis.”  (Now I know you all know what this is, but just in case one doesn’t, it is a severe form of parasitic worm disease.)  “And the woman with the huge goiter.  Also just seeing how well the whole clinic went, with the crowd cooperating and letting us see those who most needed care today.”

Judy- “Getting to see my own patients today.” (She is a Nurse Practitioner). “And getting to work with and do some teaching of one of the clinic student nurses.”

Sally (the Marsh one) – “Getting time to spend with some of the moms and babies and just talking and sharing with them.” (Sal runs the pharmacy and that usually takes ALL her time).
  “And feeling good about the good treatment we were able to give to these really sick and malnourished babies.”

Me – “The joy of seeing moms light up when given the medicine and Atmit that will help their babies heal and grow.”

A wonderful day!